Blu Lyon- Link Up (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Cultures move with different pulses. Every once in a while, you come across a rare spectacle that's  ferocious as a Blu Lyon.  

This song is titled "Link up," a common colloquial used to express, coming together or meeting. 

Listen. The second this song emitted from my speaker, I knew what type time Blu was on. This energy is rare, and is a great example of the vibrations that can come from love- mixed with the perfect dash of Summer.

The video gives me Drake vibes, Blu subtly flexes… from the Condo top floor, to his diamonds, even minks and drinks. 

The 808’s on this track could trace my footwork if I were approaching a girl in the club. Too smooth, it's to a point that you really don't have to hear Blu- to know what he’s conveying. 

Black women are precious pinnacles. They are Queens. When you can cater to their needs, a beautiful bond may be created. 

Do not sleep on Blu, he can deliver flows a couple of different ways. Through his other songs, you would begin to wonder whether his style is more Reggae, R&B, or Hip-hop, but either way, I bet you'll feel it. In my opinion, Blu’s in the conversation with Davido. 

Do us all a favor and play, Link Up. The more the merrier, when the moment is unpredictable:

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