Blue Light Bandits- Punk Rock Dreams (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen

We all have aspirations and we all make mistakes while pursuing our goals. The Blue Light Bandits have created a single about dreams turned nightmares with their single, “Punk Rock Dreams”.

First off, let’s praise the dynamic vocal range and melodies throughout the track. Honestly, this is a song I would love to hear in movies and television shows. The instrumentation is captivating and tells a story of a dream spiraling out of control. “When did you lose control, turning your punk rock dreams into nightmares,” these lyrics in “Punk Rock Dreams” explain how unexpected but easy it can be to lose grasps of your focus.

Blue Light Bandits are not your typical rock band, they are a mix of jazz, neo-soul, pop, and funk music. This groovy independent band includes four members Dan DeCristofaro, Ethan Bates, Simon Admasson and Jay Faires from Worcester, Massachusetts. Blue Light Bandits have a way of spewing triumph through their music and they have a newly released album titled Honestly Glad It Happened that will ignite your fire for soulful rock.

Go check out “Punk Rock Dreams” by the Blue Light Bandits and remember to not let go of your dreams:

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