Blue w3rD- UsayU (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen

Blue w3rd is an unconventional indie hip hop artist from Philadelphia. Blue dropped a single called “UsayU” which is a mix of dance hall and Afro pop. In this song, he sings about his love interest possibly losing their interest and he can’t understand why. Blue definitely rested a heart break song that is still able to pick you up when you are low. His music is inspired by hard hitting bass and house music vibrations. “UsayU” is the leading single on his newly released EP called “AZUL.” Tracks that are also on “AZUL” are “Blue Blues” and “Black Blues” which continue the narrative started in “UsayU.”

Blue W3rd has a style and aesthetic that is just as eccentric as his sonic sound. He is a fashion model as well as an artist who is deeply rooted in culture and lyricism. He is also of the Philly Hip Hop Collective, Village Of The Smoke! Once you get a look at Blue you won’t be able to look away and his music will will make it hard for you to skip a track.

Make sure you add “UsayU” by Blue W3rd to you alternative dance hall playlist:

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