Blunt ft. XODrew- Drownin (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Mix the drug with the pain and you get a druggy record to help out. Out the gate, he lets us know what type of time he’s on.

“I got drugs

I got drugs in my system”

He’s as blunt as his name (all pun intended), we enjoy artists who are straight to the point. Blunt taps into the hopeless and heartless romantic who finds ways to numb the feeling of heartbreak and loneliness on Drownin (Feat. XODrew). When I hear this, they remind me of topics that The Weeknd usually covers and many have emulated over the years. It’s a sound that has become popular since his arrival and those who were inspired, have crafted their sound based off it. Content wise, it’s a cry for help for those who are in situations such as these. Many people are voiceless with similar stories that look to drown their pain. I feel as though this could also be a remedy for it, especially if this is relatable. 

Blunt makes healing love wounds sound like the longest process in the world, which it could be for certain people. In this process, we see who changes for the better or for the worst. Not as powerful a voice as the infamous creator of this popular sound, he is no pushover in Drownin. 

We ride that emotional roller coaster with him and give him that proverbial hug that we aren’t able to give him in person. Dope, Dope record from Blunt and XODrew.

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