Blush'ko- Al Capone (Live Acoustic) [Track Review]

Written by Imani Wj Wright

This is an absolutely gorgeous track. 

Before writing about this joint, I had to regain my composure. Have you ever listened to something so gravitating that it encompasses your entire domain? That's what I experienced here. 

The movement, expression, and color of the opening guitar creates an enticing, but also calming soundscape. Al Capone, is engineered quite intimately. It feels like you're in the room with Blush'ko while they're performing this piece. The reverb, and crisp punctuation of the audio brings the listener that much closer to its musical environment. 

Once the vocals begin to soar over this composition, the piece is taken to an even higher level. The lyrics were not incredibly laced with lyrics, but the passion and zeal is immensely prevalent, and surely resonates. 

This is a must. 

Check it out:

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