Bobbie Harvey- Send Me (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Have you ever needed a song to grow on you? For example, maybe you  were in the car while a song  first plaued, but not until you heard it again at another location did you like it. You've experienced that? You're not alone, so have I.

However, only a few moments after being introduced to Send Me, by Bobbie Harvey, I was feeling it immediately. Once you give this a listen, you'll understand why. 

Bobbie's vocal timbre has a gravitational pull. Its energy, fierceness, and control is undeniably impressive. The amount of soul that she generates can give you chills. You won't have to do too much digging to find it either, it's quite evident. On "Send Me," this approach is needed to convey the composition's message of deep long-distance romance.

Bobbie sings: 

"Opened up myself to your sound, didn't think I'd ever be found. Walk in different cities together, we are just an ocean apart..."

"I keep counting days til' I feel you."

Not only is the instrumentation, and overall engineering of the track solid, but as shown in the quoted lyrics, the songwriting is creative, and vivid. We'll let you experience that for yourself, don't want to spoil some of the brilliant lines she displays throughout. 

You're in for a sweet treat. 

Check it out:

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