Bomat- Doing All Right (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

This instrumental track called “Doing All Right” is composed by Bomat. Bomat is a German composer, producer and DJ based originally from Cologne.

“Doing All Right” is a deep house track that will pick up your mood and carry you to the dance floor. I can imagine this playing in commercials, events, clothing stores or boutiques to creat a free and comforting atmosphere. There are vocals added throughout the track that add more character and versatility to the song.

Bomat has had a deep interest for house music since he was young. He actually studied music in Berlin and was influenced by the vibrant musical landscape. Bomat has the knowledge, sound and sauce to create epic house music. To keep up with Bomat I would recommend following his social media where he keeps his supporters updated on what he has coming in store.

If you enjoy Bomat’s music I would also suggest listening to his single released last year called “Class Talk.” He has experience, passion and talent, everything a true artist reaches for. I’m really looking forward to what Bomat can create.

Lastly, don’t forget to add “Doing All Right” to your everyday playlist:

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