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Reported by Imani Wj Wright 

We all have ideas, we all have goals, and we all have desires. Almost every person who has achieved on this Earth also encompassed those same attributes. Though, for those who may not have the success that they'd like, or are simply looking to enhance the success that they have, there has to be ways that one can obtain the knowledge needed t enhance their situation. "The dullest pen is sometimes sharper than the sharpest mind." Essentially, you have to put purposeful work in, and grasp what is needed for your next steps. 

This is where Black on Purpose Television Network (Bop TV) Comes in. 

According to BOP TV:

"Black on Purpose Television Network (BOP TV) is the largest black owned streaming television network in the world.  The concept was the brainchild of award winning record producer Michael Campbell while residing in Las Vegas in 2009." 

"For black business owners, BOP TV allows them to directly engage consumers of color around the world. Started in 2013, BOP TV streams thousands of videos (across 32 channels) to millions of daily viewers around the world. The network can be seen on all major streaming devices including Roku, Blu Ray Players, Amazon Fire Stick and Smart TV’s worldwide. Channels range from Arts & Entertainment, History & Culture, Kids & Teens, Education, Food & Nutrition, Health and so much more."

BOP TV will be holding a webinar, covering the process of developing and hosting your own show on BOP TV. Speakers include Janices Burns, and Michael Campbell.

 Topics will include: 
-What is the Bop TV Mission?
-What types of shows are we looking for?
-The types of shows we accept
-What would get a show rejected
-Is there a fee?
-How can I make money from my show?

Register Below:

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  • Robin Donaldson

    Would love to host my own show.

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