Breazy Daze- Old Man (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

First thing in the morning, a busy day ahead of you, so you get started… Body washed, teeth brushed and all. You prepped this morning to feel confident in your day, although having done the routine for years, it just doesn't quite seem like enough today. There’s nothing like the present, the worst-best gift you never asked for. We must acknowledge the composure and level of understanding of life from such young men. 

Breazy Daze’s glued to this beat for me. I don't hear a part of the track where he could have hit a better line. Well put, placed, and pronounced from producer and songwriter Ainsley Adams. These are the types of songs that make you wonder if the lyrics were written first, last or in between. On top doesn't need to be an option for Breazy, I think being open with your emotional presence in your music is a skill. Effectively bridging this gap creates music for people in similar situations - an ethical goal for most artists.  

"Old Man" blends lights, pulses, and enthusiasm to create a moment in time where it's hard to decide what you want to do.As a student I’m still trying to figure things out myself - let alone figuring out where I go next. The audience for Breazy’s music is prevalent worldwide, we all could use some time before we go old. 

Old Man out now:


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