Bryce Cameron New Releases (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

Did someone open a window? Leave the freezer open? No? Oh, it's just Bryce Cameron and SEMASHIII on their new single, Ice Cold. This track is just the second of two singles, released by the duo in recent time. PUMPKIN, is the title of the first single, and they both have several similar elements which marks the “signature” of the two artists.

Let me dive deeper into my previous statement. If there’s one thing that lures us into supporting artists, it is their undeniable originality. You know? The thing, that you just can’t get from anywhere else. While listening to both pieces, there is a vocal and instrumental approach that becomes quickly evident is unique to the pair. Vocally, the tracks are engineered in a highly professional manner, no peaks, cracks, or slip ups. The technical aspect of the listening experience is quite crisp, and lend a hand is appreciating the art. Artistically, there is a calmness established in the vocal approaches on both ICE COLD and PUMPKIN. This approach shows great confidence, especially within instrumentation that could be considered rhythmically and even melodically avant-garde. Specifically regarding ICE  COLD, Bryce Cameron said he wanted the piece to come off as “Joyful and energizing.” 

If you also take a look at the visuals of both tracks, you’ll see a motif of colorful lights, lots of motion, and a full display of vision and direction. Consistency is a definite strength of Cameron and SEMASHIII. 

Check them out:

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