Bryce Cameron on The Importance of Artist Aesthetic (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

When it comes to reaching the masses, there are several routes that artists decide to take. Some may seem too attention-grabbing (though that is the objective), some can come off as fabricated, and on the other side of the spectrum, they may be too subdued. However, regardless of the path artists choose, there is one aspect of their persona which they’ll most likely have to apply effort to, and that’s their aesthetic. 

For years, an attractive magazine photo, or newspaper feature could gain you some traction. But, now with the exceedingly increased importance of social media, it may seem an artist has to focus on their visual presentation on a weekly basis.  Bryce Cameron understands the current landscape and proceeds properly. If you pursue around his Instagram, @brycecameronmusic, you’ll see he has a steady display of curtailed content, and this isn’t by any coincidence. It’s all intent. 

Bryce told SwanoDown:

“...In today's day and age everything is all “online,  online,  online,” how many likes, followers subscribers etc. I feel in this time now that it’s extremely important to have a strong,  honest and reflective online presence. However, I do feel that because of how accessible it is now that many artists “yes including myself” sometimes can lose track of what is important to them and their vision. But with the ease of accessibility also brings the ability to be an even more diverse and well rounded artist.”

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