BTAV- Love Got You (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

With a new year still upon us, it’s been exciting to have the opportunity to learn about new artists, as well as their stories of development. BTAV is everything I wanted from an up and coming artist throughout my start of the new year. “Love Got You” is a new single recently released by BTAV, and it’s trending in the rignt direction, for good reason. BTAV provides incredible vocal samples over a melodic and hard-paced beat, something that sounds simple yet still rather important for this modern soundscape.

I’m personally very impressed with the development of BTAV, his recent releases have been slowly growing– and growing with each drop. Everytime one of his songs, specifically, Love Got You, comes on my car’s radio while rotating in one of my playlists, I get excited and my mood is automatically lifted! It’s not only BTAV’s vocals and melodic beats that set him in a position to “explode,” it’s his personality and artistic style that can be seen throughout his social media pages.

BTAV is an extremely versatile artist with sheer raw talent. Two things that aren’t commonly found in comparison with other artists. 

Check out Love Got You by BTAV:

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