Tal Zucker- Blanket of Sunshine

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Tal Zucker's, Blanket of Sunshine, doesn't just belong on your headphones, this piece could easily be within the confines of a blockbuster romance film, or even a Broadway musical.

While listening to this piece, I can't help but pair the audio with some sort of motion picture. When you get the chance to listen, you can easily imagine, Blanket of Sunshine, accompanying a scene in one of your favorite PG Movies. 

Tal's vocal timbre is gentle, while her ability to sing passionately is strong. Her training at, Alon Institution of the Arts, shines brightly through her singing technique. She's quite technically sound. From her breath control, to her sense of pitch/melody- Tal has command over her vocals.

Tal Zucker's vocals are paired with heartwarming songwriting and beautifully played instrumentation on this composition. I thoroughly enjoyed the musical experience. 

Take a Listen: 


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