Call Me Hood- Goat (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

Sciences and math pare essential to the world we live in today. The aforementioned is true especially regarding technological innovations and advancements in medicine, as examples. So, I wanted to establish my appreciation for those fields before i went into my next statement.

Growing up, I was never fully invested into those subjects as much as I was with English/literature and the arts. The main reason for that being the abundance of malleability innately within writing and the arts supersede the lack thereof in hard sciences. With art, it's so subjective, there's rarely a true a right or wrong regarding someone's artistic positions. I have many of these thoughts as I listen to Call Me Hood's record, Goat. 

One takeaway that is from 'Goat' that nearly feels certain is Call Me Hood is fearless to turn off any level of filter and say what he pleases and intends on his track. There aren't too many instances where Hood minces his words here. The straightforwardness is clear, and it's so in-your-face , one could even find it playful as it has a tad bit of shock factor. His style is one that some may not be used to right off the bat, but it's one you can get used to after a few spins.

Have some fun.

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