Camron Shahidi- Soofi's Waltz (Track Review)

Written by Pat Moran

As the title teases, New York pianist Camron Shahidi opens his assured “Soofi’s Waltz” with a dulcet waltzing tempo with his left hand. Meanwhile, his right essays a fluttering motif that suggests a butterfly in flight. The piece’s pastoral mood is enhanced by a melody which echoes Beethoven’s “Für Elise.” Shahidi is one neo classical composer who’s not shy to acknowledge the masters.

“Soofi’s Waltz,” however, doesn’t stay in the romantic era’s pocket for long. With gentle trills, Shahidi emphasizes the piece’s pensive nostalgia and apparent simplicity. The traipsing melody may seem to wander, but Shahidi knows exactly where he’s going. There’s a method to his finesse.

A muted glissando dissolves into a series of arpeggiated patterns that disrupt the piece’s sense of bucolic playfulness, like ripples skimming across the surface of a pond. Then, Shahidi unleashes a percussive crescendo of descending notes. It quickly passes, like wind rushing suddenly through the treetops. Shahidi returns briefly to his gentle opening motif. Then all at once- everything is still.

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