Carnival Sabrina: Beyond the Costume [Report]

Reported by Imani Wj Wright 

The end result is what most of us typically see. 

Let me dive a bit deeper into that statement. While we’re sittng in our favorite restaurants, ordering the premiere dish on the menu, we’re not in the kitchen watching the chef prepare it. Furthermore, we most likely weren’t there for the idea that sparked the dish. Nevertheless, when it reaches our table, we’re satisfied and look forward to the next chance to experience it again.

Carnival Sabrina, a masquerader, health enthusiast, and cook, personifies the aforementioned sentiment. 

Sabrina has performed internationally in the renowned Carnival series in locations such as Trinidad, Jamaica, and New York City. Just from watching a few of her performance videos you see an undeniable display of vibrancy and exuding confidence. Her ability to move and dance is precise and packed with skill. Her background is formal dance training seems to surely show. Though, with the level of stamina that she withholds, Sabrina has explained that having a disciplined and healthier lifestyle, is essential in that process. In a recent interview, the Spelman grad also expressed the importance of African-Americans being particular about their diets, being that health issues surrounding food choices tend to statistically affect the community at intense rates. Sabrina’s personality, intelligence, and vigor makes her Carnival influencer status apparent. 

“In my experience each skill will play a major role in you day to day. It’s all about mastering time management. For me Dance, Health and Culinary is a love triangle with health being my main chick. LOL! 

Plan out your day and your week. Make sure you spend time with each one twice a week and your main chick daily,” Said Sabrina.

“So what would that look like? For Health?! Drink your water daily, get sleep and keep your stress down. Dance?! Take a dance class twice a week. And Culinary?! Try out new recipes and feed your loved ones. My goal is balance,” Sabrina explained.

With so much time on task needed for her lifestyle, we asked Sabrina whether or not there is a difference between “motivation” and “drive,” Can one truly be motivated at every moment? Is motivation as important as we sometimes make it to be for success? 

“Motivation is in the driver seat that gets you to success. They work hand and hand. Trying and falling is not a fail. It’s all apart of the journey. Learn what works and what doesn’t. In my opinion motivation comes to you in two ways; You have outside motivation and inner motivation. One is no better then the other. Motivation is motivation. Just get there and there’s no rush,” Said Sabrina.

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