Casey Sana- Born Again (Track Review)


Written by Imani Wj Wright 

This is beautiful music.

For years now, I've thought of musicians as doctors. Yes, they may not facilitate your checkups or tell you how strong your glasses should be.. But- they can provide you with what's needed to feel better. I was already having a cool day, and Casey Sana's, Born Again, upgraded my day to "great."

I was sitting down at the beginning of this review. After a few seconds of having this piece on, I've been standing up and pacing. There's an undeniable energy and sense of joy withheld in this piece. How fitting. What's more energizing than a rebirth.. new beginnings... a fresh start? 

This composition is not filled with hard-hitting bass, nor does it host an incredibly fast pace. Though, the aforementioned do not take away from the song's upliftment. It's melodic, matter-of-fact, and concise. The vocals and instrumentation that Casey Sana provides coexist so well, tailor made for one another. The overall listening experience is one I'll enjoy for a while, possibly forever. 

"I feel like I'm born again. Washed out ny soul and cleansed..."

Check it out:


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  • Casey

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate the feature and can’t wait for you to hear all the things I’ve been working on recently. Love, Casey

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