Casper- Make It Better (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen

“Make it Better” by Casper is an electric and soulful dance song. The track has elements that feel 70’s reminiscent with a touch of techno beats. Casper has done an excellent job at creating vibrancy and color through music. “Make it Better” feels like a new experience and a fresh start for the listener.

This song makes me want to rave in colored smoke until the sunrises! There is no doubt that you will have to get up and move your feet to this funky composition. It’s the complexity of the beat and layers of vocals that I admire so much within this track. “Make it Better” has a build up that will motivate and inspire the listener. How could you not love this dance hit!?!

Casper released “Make it Better” on their EP “Movement in Place.” The whole EP has a captivating electriconic sound, sure to make you move! You can play “Make it better” anytime during the day but it’s perfect when you have to get the party started. Lastly, Check out the rest of “Movement in Place” to really set it off!

Make it Better by Casper:

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