Cheyenne Nicole- Nobody but You (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

The volume and shaping compressed in this track is nothing short of psychedelic mimicry. Songs I listen to have a certain atmosphere, not until today have I heard a song that sounded like nowhere. Cheyenne Nicole was nowhere, parasailing adjacent to heated 808s, demonstrating a healthy way to get someone off her mind. The Canada-based singer/songwriter gives her explanation to an ex on "Nobody but You."

Naturally, vocally, and easily...  I'm drawn in from the seductive timbre of Cheyenne’s voice. She presents herself as being very open with her love cycle.”Before you can analyze the trees you must take a look at the forest."  A famous quote I've heard Imani Wj Wright reiterate, enlightened my perspective on this track. The 5-chord progression melody of this beat describes a subjective feeling which, if put in words, would say ‘oh well- life goes on.' The Chorus comes around and resolves any tense feeling that came with the stress. The bass brings a floor, the drum pockets a pedestal to throw this clear vocal.

A rising artist that will never be limited vocally as far as I’m concerned. Nobody but You won’t be the last R&B track we’ll hear from Cheyenne, Check it out!

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