Chino Cappin'- Lap Dance (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Chino Cappin' Told SwanoDown: 

“The vibe of the song is all about being on top and enjoying the moment.” 

Chino Cappin’ is living life to the fullest on his most recent track, Lap Dance. His effortless flow doesn’t go unnoticed, as this can be a candidate for many summertime playlists. There's more to living life than just being a flexer. Chino gives us more than boastful rap. He also packages his rhymes in a non-braggadocious manner. It’s all about the confidence he exudes throughout this piece.

I feel the authenticity in his delivery and tone. He doesn’t make me question what he is saying. Chino lives his lifestyle and worked hard to get to the position he's in. More than anything, he brings a feel good energy/vibe that not too many rappers are displaying. It’s not the bass heavy or vibrant party track that’s dominating the genre of rap. Still, Lap Dance can be a go to song at any strip club. 

I would be shocked if the ladies weren’t rushing to give their man a dance to this song. It has that appeal, a smooth sound created for a sensual experience. I believe Chino has given us a banger that hands reasons to aim high and pursue the life we want to live. 

 Listen to Lap Dance:

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