Chris Kai (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright 

Music has the ability to serve several purposes on a day to day basis. Parties? You got it. Road trips? For sure. Late night with your spouse? Of course. Those are some of the obvious scenarios, but one that may go missing is the boosting of confidence we need from time to time. When I turn on a piece from Kanye's 2007 album, Homecoming, a gleam of elation and an overwhelming level of flashbacks come upon me. But, that's still not the best of it.

While having that album on, I vicariously live through Kanye’s confidence, and evident zeal for his craft. It encourages me to go out and do something productive. You know? So when I hear the self-assertion and melody driven tone that Christian Kayiranga, aka Chris Kai has, I immediately retrieve the same emotions. 

This guy has the full package- a dedicated aesthetic, melodic sound, and vivid songwriting. While listening to his single "Corona," you hear the aforementioned qualities throughout. The percussion hits just right, as Kai delivers a solid vocal performance.

Kai told SwanoDown:

i wrote "Corona" during the pandemic lockdown in my country ( Rwanda ), in the song I am actually telling this girl that it’s been a moment without seeing her because of corona, that I only see her in my dreams when I sleep etc... I wanted to give people something to sing to their love ones during this pandemic and also dance.

With the impressive ability to write such an endearing piece within such a dark and drastic time, we asked Chris if he ever writes his pieces with a specifc audience in mind. 

Chris stated:
"i would say it depends on the vibe, when it’s a love song/a song about life, I write it for myself and usually people relate. When it’s a party song I think about what people wants to hear in that specific period in time."

We're looking forward to watching Chris Kai grow as an artist and an overall creative. 

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