Chronixx ft. Kabaka Pyramid- Same Prayer

Written by Miles Monroe II 

“All praise to the most high”

In Chronixx’s newest single, Same Prayer (ft. Kabaka Pyramid), he gives his own personal prayer to Jah (Yahweh) in thankfulness and in protection. He pours his heart out on this song and is a perfect song to enjoy during Juneteenth weekend. 

We forget sometimes that everyday is a blessing from God. He provides the moon, the stars and life itself, which we take for granted. Now more than ever is a time to say those same prayers with Chronixx.

Jah Jah with me through everything

I have no fear for anything

He begs for protection always and to see the good or bad in people, so he can be aware and move differently. I don’t mean to get religious, but Chronixx and Kabaka Pyramid are bringing us to a spiritual plight, in a way they knew how. We all have these same prayers, even if we don’t outright say them at night on our knees with our hands clenched together and eyes closed.

Especially in their culture, Rastafarian, it’s probably more common to speak to God in times like these or even on a regular Saturday morning. We have to adopt these same methods because God is our one true protector.

This song spoke to me in ways I didn’t think would be imaginable, but it will be on repeat beyond this weekend. I definitely am Thanking God for the blessing of life, love and family. Thank You Chronixx for a such a transcendent song that I feel everyone should listen to. 

Take a Listen:


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