Cicely Kaiser: Chinue Tech Group (Report)

Reported by SwanoDown

Cicely Kaiser is the founder and ceo of CTG (Chinue Tech Group) a startup tech company that creates metaverse games and looks to bring integrity into the metaverse with its new cross chain applications. CTG seeks to create a decentralized version of kyc through virtual gaming credit scores.

Unlike traditional CEOs, most of whom worked for Fortune 500 companies or places like Silicon Valley, Kaiser has taken her adversities and triumphs in life coupled with her entrepreneurial experience in various sectors to turn what was once fantasy into reality inside the metaverse.

Located in the once flourishing General Motors town of Pontiac Michigan, Kaiser has rebranded this small town by terming it Metaverse Alley as she partners with locals to create a hub that will be at the forefront of the 4th industrial revolution. Her hopes are to bring life back to the abandoned city.

”What we’re seeking to do no one is doing and it’s still so early,” Said Kaiser.

Cicely has attracted interest from local entrepreneurs and business owners. However she’s looking for the right people to partner with, as the startup optimistically opens its doors to interested tech investors and angels who understand the vision. 

“We can literally become the marti report or a decentralized version of the big 3 credit reporting companies in the metaverse, it’s up to us,” The Chinue Tech Group CEO explained.


  • Kenyada Bowman

    Fantastic, I’m so excited about the new opportunities coming to Pontiac.

  • Marcus Barnes

    This is so Amazing, she on time and ahead at the same time! I’d love to see what I can do to invest or be apart! Much Success to you Mrs.Kaiser!

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