CityBoy! (SwanoDown Report)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

I just finished listening to a couple tracks by artist, and DC Native, CityBoy!. The dude can flow. 

On pieces like Don't Matter! (Feat. Autumn) and John Gotti!, it's obvious that he has found his bag. This is something many musicians have trouble grasping during their careers, that "sound." The engineering he uses is true to him, and tiptoes the line of Lo-Fi. That natural and organic sound has been immensely prevalent in today’s musical climate, specifically within Hip-Hop, and genres influenced by Hip-Hop.

His visuals and aesthetic are also artistic. Look at the photo above. Green hoodie, dog, and Flip-phone... One hell of a combination. 

CityBoy! knows what it takes. 

Check him out:

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