Clide- Fallin (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

When you're put in a position where you have to let go and detach yourself, life can become pretty difficult. That person consumed so much real estate in your head that he/she is living there for free. At that point, you’re trying any and everything to make the situation work out and last a while. It’s no-one's fault, you may just fall too hard, which can be a good and a bad thing. On Fallin, Clide is unapologetic when longing for his companion. 

He’s at the point where it’s like, 'So What if I’m doing all these things and feeling a certain way, you’re not here to embrace me.' 

There is nothing this girl can do to make him change his opinion on who she can be for him. Maybe she doesn’t even know that they’re meant to be together. If she/he doesn’t know your worth, they aren’t worth your time. This constant battle with oneself and your emotions can take a toll. I enjoyed the fact that Clide explored this topic from the standpoint of going against the grain.

We hear a defeated person on Fallin’ and can’t help but feel for him. On the same token, I want to yell: “Wake Up and Move on!!” This is what music is supposed to do though, evoke varying emotions from the listeners. 

Job well done from Clide. 

Listen to Fallin:

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