Cloudy June- Goodbye to Honeymoon (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

The honeymoon period always fades away, in due time. Relationships aren’t built on always "staying perfect," people aren’t perfect. Cloudy June wants to stay in that blissful phase on her newest single,
Goodbye to Honeymoon. She blends the pop sound with a message, wanting to hold on to the happiness that so perfect and nobody could do wrong. If the relationship falters after some static, that wasn’t a strong union in the first place. I feel somewhat connected to this song because I have felt that way at times in relationships. Everything is cotton candy and bubble gum when there are no arguments or wrongdoings.

When unexpected events occur, it’s our job to attack them and be open about it, whatever that may be. Cloudy June sings with such conviction that we want her to have that happy ending. I think she knows that life or relationships aren’t built on that. A strong foundation will keep the building standing tall. Sometimes you have to say, Goodbye to Honeymoon and look forward to the next chapter in the relationship. That next chapter will be a longer memory full of highs and lows, but the work put in would be worth it. Cloudy June, you have a song that will definitely be in my Relationship playlist.

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