Cole DeGenova ft.Rico Sisney- The Lucky Few (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Wow, talk about a full package. Hear me out, I'm wrting this only 5 minutes after playing the song. The hook, lyrics, instrumentals, and overall feel of this song is memorable. That's an understatement- I've added it to my playlist and I'm playing the joint as I type. There's a great chance the song will still be playing as you read this.  

The Lucky Few is a track off of Cole DeGenova's, 10 song project: Really Human. 

DeGenova's singing is incredibly soothing on this piece. It's the type of soothing that you feel he's conscious of. His performance on this track doesn't happen by mistake, it's thought out and executed, just as the songwriting is. The content is so relatable.

I can say in confidence, most of us have dealt with some level of social stress or insecurity. The fears of not being enough, not having enough.... DeGenova and Sisney tackle some of these issues head on. DeGenova sings: "They tell you you're too black, they tell you you're too white, too gay..." Sisney follows DeGenova with a fast and sarcastically spit verse, listing off all of the stereotypical things people typically want you have, "Make sure you're born at the right time, right sun and moon sign with the right genes." DeGenova returns to the track with an inspirational word for his listeners, and a sample from writer James Baldwin. 

This piece is a joy to listen to and can easily lift the spirits. 


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