Cormac Thompson- Empty Chairs At Empty Tables (Les Miserables Cover) [Track Review]

Written by Lucas Ballard

12 year old chorister Cormac Thomas, is a vocal phenom showing broad vocal range but specializing in a high pitch. During the pandemic lockdown, Cormac was discovered after he sought to “sing a song for nannie” as they were apart for months. Since his discovery, Thomas has received significant recognition from British radio stations (such as BBC Two) allowing him to sign to Decca Records where he has since released an album. 

Cormac displays his lengthy vocal abilities in his cold rendition of Les Misérables’ “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”. The origin of this track comes from a scene in the musical where Marius' character is lamenting his friends’ deaths after a battle. Cormac does an extremely solemn version of this song, really capturing the pure emotion of what it means. Throughout the track he hits very impressive notes and brings them to levels that feel almost ghostly. His chilling chords paired with the woeful lyrics make for a truly heart wrenching execution. 

Thomas’ vocals really struck me when I first heard this track and it inspired me to dig deeper into his discography. Boasting around 21,000 listeners a month, there is a lot to look forward to from the young talent, so check out his rendition of “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”.


  • George Alger

    Not only is Cormac an incredible talent, he’s also an amazing mature, caring, decent, and almost angelic young man.

  • Adam

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