Costals- Scarabée Égyptien (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Drifting in and out of consciousness, I feel myself falling under the impression that Costals' sole intention is to take you several places at once. This phenomenon is exceedingly prevalent while listening to his piece, Scarabée Égyptien. This instrumental is not like many, far from typical time signatures and washed looped melodies. Scarabée has history and maturity to its instrumentation. Fun fact: a Scarabée was an ancient amulet or seal of sorts that was used to represent immortality, resurrection, protection and transformation. 

Have you ever seen The Mummy? These are those beetles! The series of loops here go from Midwest acoustic loops to a more open and driven beat, with pitched bass and more reverberated chords. Drifting off into space the next thing I hear is a relaxed lobby tone with a ringing clap/snap. I love the creativity and use of elements in this instrumental. If nothing "wows" you about Costals, try not to sleep on what got him on this page. 

Before you know it, the drum pocket becomes this fast-paced driven sector that dilutes into another spacey atmosphere for a horn with good intention. And I listen in awe from half of what I just experienced, I hit replay- again, and again. Listen to Costal’s, Scarabée Égyptien, out now!

Check it out:

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