SwanoDown SitDown w/ Crash- Scared of the Waves

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Photo by Caylee Powell

Crash has a personality that pierces through every aspect of his public life. Talented, humble, and passionate.

Crash's Spotify bio has to be one of the coolest I've ever seen. It states: "you r [reading] this and that's enough :)" After listing several ways to contact him, he finishes with: "thanks for [stopping] by m8 !!!!!!!! now let's go get some pizza"

This kindheardtness is clearly dispalyed within Crash's vocal timbre. Listening to his his single, Scared of the Waves, is quite scenic. Though, I have not seen any video for the track, it's difficult to not visualize actual waves, and beach sand, while partaking in the experience. The song begins with beautiful falsetto notes by Crash, the atmosphere is almost mysterious as his voice is accompanied by finger snaps. 

Crash told SwanoDown: 

"When recording, Scared of the Waves, I was frustrated as hell trying to milk ideas out and just record something that night. But, I think that's the beauty in creating something that has not been created before. It's  a love and hate, a push and pull. But- when you arrive on the other side of that fight with a “finished product” and listen back to what you layed down, if it was genuine, I think it'll hit you in a way that only something with real emotion can hit you."

He continued: 

"I always want people who come to listen to my stuff to feel what I felt when I listened back to the finished demo for the 1st time. It's mad cool when you can place somebody else in your shoes. I want them to feel genuine emotion. I want it to hit them in the heart. I intended to extract a feeling of nostalgia for sweet memories and at the same time just getting it out, all the frustration, questions, love and hate, and that's such a unique blend of emotions I rarely  hear in music.

The instrumentation on this track feels minimal, and truly develops a productive soundscape for Crash's vocals. The songwriting here is vivid and intimate. 

Crash Stated: 

"I'd have to be honest and say im 100% selfish when writing a new piece. I usually always write in story form, or from a memory or, just from my life in general.

I thought about an interesting idea the other day and it goes along the lines of: If everybody was just brave enough to write about their life- whether it be in the form of a poem, journal, lyrics whatever... If we just penned down our lives, then we'd all be musicians in our own right."

Check out, Scared of the Waves: 


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