Crawford Mack- The Art of Losing You (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

The start of 2021 has been filled with a few breakout hits and unconventional artists making their way to the spotlight. While new music is released every single day, not every song is given a chance to make the impact that it should. Crawford Mack is an example of an extremely talented artist who hasn’t quite reached his full potential just yet.

In a recent track by Crawford Mack titled “The Art of Losing You,” the melody immediately takes you away. I felt very relaxed and comfortable while listening to this song, perhaps it was due to the slower pace or incredible talent behind the piano playing. Regardless, Crawford Mack hit the nail on the head with this one. However, being an up and coming artist is no easy task. In a world where streams can dictate your career, Crawford Mack hasn’t quite achieved these groundbreaking numbers.

The difference between Crawford Mack and other artists, however, is that he truly deserves it. I can tell that each of his tracks are very much thought out and premeditated before their release, almost as if to say “this one is a step above the last.” The Art of Losing You is a great example of the talent that Crawford Mack has, and I hope to see him reaching those aforementioned groundbreaking numbers at some point throughout his journey this year.

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