OSKA- Crooked Teeth (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

Finding fresh faces within the music industry isn't a super rare thing to stumble across, but finding one that you truly enjoy surely can be. As it typically goes, I’ve recently come across an artist by the name of OSKA. Over the last few months, OSKA has been working extremely hard to make a name for herself to grow and become a household name.

OSKA has been releasing records rather frequently. It’s truthfully very hard to keep up with the wide array of talent that OSKA brings to the table. Her talent isn’t limited to her melodic flow that draws people to her, it’s her personality as an artist as well. “Crooked Teeth” is a track that was recently dropped by OSKA, and it captures exactly what was stated in the aforementioned. I’m personally very fond of the way that OSKA carries herself, and I’m sure it wouldn’t take much for you to agree!

If you’re interested in checking out OSKA for yourself, be sure to look her up on Instagram and stream her music using the Spotify link that I’ve attached below. I promise you won’t be disappointed! Also, be sure to give “Crooked Teeth” a listen, it’s worth every second!

Check it out:

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