Curv Droobin- Impatient (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

One thing I love about my job is the freedom of interpretation. There’s nothing more exciting to me than hearing a song for the first time and coming to Imani or Miles with a whole different perspective on a piece. I got to exercise this freedom here, listening to Impatient by Curv Droobin. 

Droobin makes music corresponding to his lifestyle- no wonder it’s so easy to bop to some of the instrumentation he chooses. Although this song has some elements of sorrow and stress, the piece has a happy bounce within it. This contrast was introduced to me by an artist I listen to named, Tobi Lou. What I like about Curv, that I also see in Tobi, is the element of bittersweet. The ocal rhythm aspect of this beat gives me vibes of lost love, but the major key in the melody gives me strains of hope and happiness. 

What a perfect contrast to speak on something so wishy washy as being impotence from moving on from a love you once had.

Curv Droobin captured the emotion from his songwriting and portrayed it in his music selection. It makes me think he heard this piece before he recorded it and spoke about what felt right. A common way artists make music. A unique way to build around the subgenre of music Curv is developing. Check out some other pieces like Stressfree to capture the full sound we’ve approved from Curv Droobin. Impatient is out now!

Check it out:

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