Cyanca- Dancing Dirty (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

They say if you want something done right, do it yourself. They also say there isn’t an “I” in team. But,  as the late great Kobe Bryant once said: “There’s an M-E in that mf!” We were fortunate enough to discover the North Carolina based artist, Cyanca, by listening to her most recent release,
Dancing Dirty. Cyanca is a Jack of all trades, meaning she has little to no areas where she is inexperienced. Dancing Dirty is a lustrous song with a lewd message.

Contextually sexual but acoustically energizing! 

Looking deeper into who to credit for this feeling taking over my mind, body, and speakers, I found the producer; Cyanca. Uncommon but not rare. Reconnaissance for those musicians in charge of the pulsing bass, keys, and drums, there she was, yet again. Similar to Russ; the American rapper, singer/songwriter, and record producer, making songs in its entirety by oneself takes a special type of person.

To be special is to manifest something like no other. Dirty Dancing is fun, subliminal, and sexy. My favorite part of this record is its transparency. You hear Cyanca’s personality bleed through all aspects of the music. It's almost like she made the thing by herself! Dirty Dancing is only for the grown and sexy. Run this through your auxiliary. Out now!

Check it out:

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