Cyrena Fiel- Carry Me Home (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

I’m very excited to share this impactful contemporary r&b song by an artist named Cyrena Fiel. The track is called “Carry Me Home” and it seems to be about the journey of learning how to heal one’s self in the midst of also trying to cater to those around us. Cyrena has some lines in here that hit heavy on internal and external struggles in wats we may not have experienced. “It’s easier in the end, to forget and play pretend, all that children know are stories, and every night I made my heart spin ‘round, did I do all I can do you won’t frown, did I save some time for my own mind?” What a relatable perspective and it’s quite well said. 

It’s no secret that Cyrena Fiel can blow when it comes to her vocals. She has been singing since the age of 3 and writing since the age of 12. She also has plenty of dance and acting experience under her belt, what can’t this young woman do?

If you want to hear more of Cyrena’s magical voice make sure you add “Carry Me Home” to your healing hearts playlist.

Take a Listen:

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