D.Clakes (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by SwanoDown 

D.Clakes "Vladimir Linnik" is a Russian producerand international DJ 

Rising star from Russia, D.Clakes had his start in music in his home city of Vladivostok when he came across the work of renowned Dutch DJ, Hardwell.

Inspiration struck, and Clakes was soon absorbed in the world ofelectronic music and dreamed of one day attending Tomorrowland Festival. Clakes moved to China and after an intense period of learning the ins and outs of DJing, he began spinning tracks in Chinese clubs.

With a head full of ideas and knowing he was destined for more, Clakes spent three years honing and perfecting his production skills with the goal of releasing his own music. He released his first track in 2020 and has since worked with various independent labels including Smash Theouse, Soave Recordings, Darklight Recordings, Metanoia Recordings, Sirup and Hardwell’s own label, Revealed Recordings. Clakes has also received support from huge industry names.

Clakessound takes elements from future house, slap house, future funk, future rave, progressive house, big room and electro house with his heartand soul going into every track. He uses music as an expression of emotion and hopes that his listeners will fall in love with electronic music in the same way that he did all those years ago in Vladivostok.

has gone from strength to strength in the past few years with a skyrocketing music career that is only just getting started.

https://www.facebook.com/dclakesmusic https://www.instagram.com/dclakes/ https://twitter.com/D_Clakes https://soundcloud.com/dclakesmusic


  • D.Clakes

    Понравилось на моменте веществ и половых связей ахахах… Отменный гайд 10 из 10😄

  • Монро

    Дилжей посредственный. В основном ворует треки у малоизвестных исполнителей, причем крайне ужасно. Так же и при игре сетов просто ставит чужие миксы, делая вид что играет. Как человек тоже не очень, уходит в запои, принимает вещества, и ведет беспорядочную половую связь. Вообщем, сомнительный тип.

  • L

    Ахуитительный DJ 👌🏻

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