D. Elli$ Releases Clothing Line on BlackBuyBlack.com

Reported by SwanoDown 

We are constantly searching for the pinnacle in clothing, fashion and appeal. Well, I am happy to announce, that  the look is most definitely over, as nationally recognized comedian Dallas comedian- D. Elli$ releases his Ratt Packs clothingline on BlackBuyBlack.com. Dameon Ellis conceptualized the idea during the pandemic, where he realized that he could start a quality business and still maintain mandated health protocols. In doing this, he teamed with BlackBuyBlack.com, which specializes in matching high quality products and services by black creators for black audiences, with discening and uncompromising tastes. Sounds like you, right?

This innovative  business focuses on matching the black community, in a manner,  that targets economic empowerment, along with high quality interactions. This is the wondrous brainchild of Tephanie Delaney, who believes that the time for this is optimal, as she told SwanoDown:

'We are tired of getting the short end of the stick, especially when we have the power to empower our own."

Ellis, the designer and entrepreneur,  concurs with Delaney, as he stated:

"I am an advocate for supporting black businesses. For this reason, I decided BlackBuyBlack.com was the perfect place to launch The Ratt Packs of Comedy clothing line. This website is like a mall of black owned businesses and we have to get into the routine of shopping with and supporting our own."

Info on Black Buy Black: 

BlackBuyBlack.com is a vehicle to assist in refueling the Black economy. Black Buy Black is an online marketplace for black-owned businesses that launched on July 7, 2020, in conjunction with Blackout Tuesday. Based out of Minneapolis, MN, the company aims to refuel the black economy by encouraging African American entrepreneurs and business owners across the nation by providing a platform that allows Black Americans to patronize black-owned businesses.

Check out BlackBuyBlack.com, as we all rise up, one click at a time.

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