Dabigyl- Ghost (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Another great day here in Baltimore Md. Listening to Dabigyl this morning put a refreshing bounce to my speakers.

The Songwriting rapper/producer has shown his intentions early on into the music industry. He makes meaningful songs. The song under review is Ghost. When you’re looking for a song to introduce Dabigyl– this is it. Lyrically inspirational. As he tries to explain his struggle to cope with pain, he resorts to alcohol. The bottle brightens his mood similar to the instrumentation you hear, but he yearns towards his visions. He plays on the idea of feeling ostracized and taking action against it or “Going ghost.” 

The Enticing element here is contrast. The layered chords and resonating instruments create a laid back rhythm, reminding me of the Weekend at Bernie's soundtrack. Dynamically, Dabigyl keeps it interesting for you through the song with his tonal quality and delivery. To add more contrast, he adlibs and sings smooth while still articulating his raps. Almost like an alternative reggae, the track can put a bright side to “being stuck in depression.” Dabigyl is thorough with his music with each verse having the necessary compliments to make Ghost a very melodic composition.

WIth a portfolio of commercial and unique rhythms, you get a sense of wonder to what Dabigyl will release next. Ghost is out now on Spotify! 

Check it out: 


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