Dangerous Thomas- Sleep Well (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello 

I always love catchy songs. I mean, who doesn’t? Over the last 10 years or so, there have been tons of catchy songs that we can reflect on. Usually, these tracks are produced by either one-hit wonders (such as Silento, for example) or artists that now fall into our “Throwback” playlist on Spotify. However, there are plenty of hidden gems within the large catalog of music that have catchy songs beyond being worth a listen.

I recently discovered an artist by the name of Dangerous Thomas, who produced a song by the name of “Sleep Well”.  After one singular listen, I can confidently say that this track has the potential to blow up, especially on Tiktok where their community is all for memorable tunes. The chorus of the track, mixed with Dangerous Thomas’ talented vocals, create an altogether great track.

They're a lot that goes into becoming a well-rounded artist. I think Dangerous Thomas has the foundation down, as well as the talent to go with it! If you want to give “Sleep Well” a listen, be sure to do so using the Spotify link attached below. I certainly know this will be a song that I come back to over and over again!

Check it out:

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