Daniel Bayot- Like You Love Me (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

That bass line in the song is killer, especially right before the chorus.

Daniel Baylor’s latest single, Like You Love Me, is all about being in your feelings more than your partner is. Even if they fake the love, you still want that emotional attachment to them because it calms you. That false sense of security is only going to delay the inevitable. I don’t think that one person can be cold hearted or emotionally detached forever. It will take a huge effort and patience. In the song, he described all the signs that he really likes this girl and only wants her. 

He doesn’t want to force the issue either, whether he knows her past or not. This is a huge factor because a F boy might have messed it all up for the guys who are the good ones. I liked that he was very descriptive in Like You Love Me. We ride that same emotional roller coaster and root for him all the way through. He’s just asking one simple question:

Will you touch me like you love me?

That type of touch is the best feeling, but would you want it to be fabricated?

I appreciated the instrumentation in the song along with the incredible songwriting from Daniel Bayot. 


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