Daniel Blume- Heartbreaker (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

What a way to champion the heartbreakers of the world?

From start to finish, “Heartbreaker” is bound to gather people to Go and Run out on the dance floor. The infectious dance track by Daniel Blume is a great song for the summertime and beyond as it showcases his ear for certain sounds that gives this song life and easy replay value. 

His smooth and airy vocals takes the listeners on a ride with him. It gives you the feel of a song that translates from the clubs to the car. It’s something you can vibe to on your way to a big meeting, during your At-home workout, or even during a chase scene in a movie.

Either way, A crowd of fist pumps and 20 year olds jumping profusely are sure to come, with the vibe provided by Daniel Blume. The EQ on the track is solid, definitely enhances the experience and connects with the current energy of music in 2020.

Blume doesn’t stray away from EDM, but infuses other elements of music for mass appeal. Heartbreaker is a song that can catapult Daniel even further in the world of dance music.

Music brings people together and that is definitely what Daniel Blume did with his latest track.

Daniel Blume - Heartbreaker (Apple Music) - https://music.apple.com/us/album/heartbreaker-single/1513480400

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