Danielle Pollari- Liquifying (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

They're two things I feel are essential to life, the pursuit of happiness, and acceptance of the things you cannot change. 

I envy something as simple as water- it can easily achieve these standards. The ‘Go with the flow’ lifestyle, is like lilac, easy going, and wholesome. 

Let me introduce you to Liquifying, a composition  by Danielle Pollari. 

Being born is not a choice you have to make. 

What you do after birth is mostly up to your discretion… make what you can out of it. 

I can see how Danielle, living alongside billions of others, can portray some kind of liquidation. Most people take the shape of things that they gravitate towards. Power, success, and wealth are common yearnings we hold as people.

From my perspective, Liquifying, also captures the bittersweet essence of conformity. Danielle seems verklempt with the thought of being mortal. And- what she was given as a life was no “more than just a daughter.” 

As she confides to the body that she is in,  Danielle sings as if she found beauty in her emotions, identity, and creativitieness. 

The Canadian talent has proved herself time and time again. Danielle is vocally conscious. As a result of also being a guitarist, Danielle is given even more of an element of unison and bright timbre. My only wish is that I got to know her a  bit more. If you follow Danielle on Instagram (@daniellepollar) she is an open book. She loves herself so much she isn't afraid to show her life to the world. This shows remarkably well in her music. 

It is only up from here for Ms.Pollari, your adorable pug, and new hit single! Water doesn't travel upstream, so I’m curious to see where Danielle will be in the next few years.

Listen to Liquifying:



  • dxtfccintn

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Carla Elliott

    Love Danielle’s voice and talented compositions! Hope she gets more exposure and gets to the top!!

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