Darci Walks (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Jeffrey Wright 

Radio Hosts play a special role in the music industry. They keep us informed, speak to our culture and provide us with laughter, peace and wisdom. This epitomizes Darci Walks, who is rising, as one of Atlanta's most talked about  radio hosts. You can check her out on- Hits 92.3 ATL. 

SwanoDown caught up with Darci and asked her to shed some light on her meteoric rise in the music industry. She told us: "Definitely relationship building. The music industry within itself is a bit of a dog eat dog world so once people see that you’re a genuine person, they keep you around., which then opened doors for other opportunities and connections for me."

We posed one final question to Darci and this response is for the Inspirational Boards of all.

"Mastering my craft and remaining a student, which I still do now. I’m never afraid to ask questions or fail at anything. Also, watching what the people before me have done and figuring out a way to shape my moves after them." Stated Walks.

Listen to Darci on Hits 92.3 ATL. Listen to her laugh, Listen to her wisdom. But most importantly- Listen.

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