Darren Isaiah- Family Sitcoms (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

I can't help but support originality. An artist who is unapologetically eccentric, tends to be appealing.

Often, we can get too comfortable within our own artistic bubbles and forget to branch out. So, just in case you've haven't heard Family Sitcoms, by Darren Isaiah, let me introduce you. 

Family Sitcoms is the third track from Darren Isaiah's, 2020 project, Ugly (U Gotta Love Yourself).

Out the gate, you know this joint is going to be a ride. Isaiah opens the song with some high pitched, demonstrative vocals. It's hard to decipher if Isaiah is singing lyrics or simply grooving. However, if he is singing lyrics, they seem to be: "sickey, see, sou" (Though, I doubt it). The instrumentation gives you vibes you'd find on an Odd Future project, with a good mix of old school and futuristic traits. 

There's a bevy of personality coming from the track. At times, you almost have to check and see if you're listening to the same artist. While interchanging voices and styles throughout this piece, Isaiah touches on topics such as love, fixation, and ego. The hook consists of Isaiah singing to his love interest: "All your love got me feeling like I'm Ultraman." The hook is sung in a very elated, and almost sinless tone. But- staying consistent within the songs dichotomy, he later reverts to a farcical voice, speaking to his love interest again, stating: "I love your ass so much, I'll sit right in front of a moving truck." This kind of songwriting keeps you on your toes, it's quite unpredictable. 

Isaiah's zestful performance on this track is one to encounter.

Check it out below: 


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