Dava- Time (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Have you ever been attached to someone that their every move affects how you feel? Isn't that annoying? Loving somebody comes in many shapes and sizes, but with time, you can develop a rhythm that works. 

I am sure Dava feels the same way, in Time, you will never hear Dava say something that doesn't relate to her feelings.The song touches on the essence of falling in love.What is more important is how well the tempo is carried. Dava- as an artist and a person - is not shy from showing her beauty.

The composition remains relaxed with an instrument arpeggiating during the hook, its sound is still stuck in my head. The lyrics on the other hand are not so relaxed, but more argumentative. I found it interesting how the lyrics can easily be on a more articulate track, instead Dava captures this condescending piece on a legato-filled harmony. For any reason she may want to change her sound, she will have no hiccups.

When I hear Dava on Time, I hear subconscious facetiousness. Never in a bad way... But- in a way that the passion which stems from her experiences are evident. In other words, she has grown quickly in her music career and has no signs of slowing down. Trust your timing.

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