Davany- Sniffles (Track Review)

Written by Parys Wyatt

If you’re a Cancer, you’ll definitely want to tune into this review really quick. If you’re any other zodiac sign, you should sit tight as well. Today, Davany gets us DEEP down in our bag with his song, Sniffles. My best advice to you would be to not take the title lightly. By the time you have finished listening to this piece, you will most likely have them, especially if you’ve already been listening to other songs with a similar theme. The combination of the piano with Davany’s pain-ridden vocals creates an oddly vulnerable and raw feeling in one’s chest, or at least mine. 

Sniffles, leads the listener to empathize with Davany’s feelings of deception, as well as recount how difficult the road to recovery can be after taking such a hit. In the refrain, Davany pleads, “heart start your healing.” It’s amazing how these four words capture exactly how it feels to wish certain people/events hadn’t affected you to the extent that they did. Even more so, this part of the chorus reflects how little control we have over how long it takes us to bounce back. Regardless of the length of your recovery time, ride the wave with Davany’s Sniffles

Take a listen and cry it out here: 


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