DelMar- Way Home (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

DelMar sounds like they know how to party and have a good time. There’s never a dull moment on Way Home, their latest release. I could really relate to almost every word of the song-  I’ve been there. On a Friday night, you’re ready to let loose and rid yourself of the tension that has been built from a crappy job. A night on the town with good people and alcohol will always be a dope night. When you’re sloppy drunk, it’s more fun for the people around you, because, most likely, you won’t remember what happened during the night. They perfectly narrate how a night out should be.

The detail DelMar uses in their lyrics are witty and true to the core of a what a night with the boys is supposed to be. There are levels to it, and I for sure wouldn’t mind having a drink with DelMar. Way Home, is a song you shouldn’t skip on your way to your next (Zoom) party. This might be specifically for me since I’ve done most of these actions. I’ve been drunk till 4am and came home, remaining as quiet as I can so I don’t wake my parents up. It’s really a skill that requires balance and patience.

Way Home is tailor made for a socially distanced outdoor party with tons of beer, and the aux on full blast. 

Check it out:

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