Deson Teninchy- First Supper [Report]

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

“I make it look easy. But trust me, it’s not easy.” – Deson Teninchy

There are several reasons as to why many of us are enthralled by art, specifically music. The way certain sounds can make us feel, the ability certain pieces have to take us back to certain moments in life, or simply the relatability we associate with some records. However, though our feelings may be similar, the genre of music and/or the specific songs we enjoy are not all the same.

The aforementioned is the beauty of art, and that shines truthfully on artist Deson Teninchy’s album, First Supper. This project has a heavily influenced style from the ‘golden era’ of Hip-Hop. None of the production is too over the top, but I wouldn’t go as far in calling it minimalistic. His style gives a gritty, yet lyrically sophisticated look into artistic psyche. Lines like turning power into empowerment, show off his wordplay, and there’s never a moment where his passion is not felt.

Check it out.

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