Devin Kennedy- Hurt U (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

Today I would like to share a beautiful love song called “Hurt U” by an amazing artist and writer, Devin Kennedy.

He is more than vulnerable on this raw track, he has broken the song down to its center in the Stripped Live version of “Hurt You.” The simplicity of the track allows the listener to hear the softness and sincerity of Devin’s vocals. You can feel the emotion of falling in love from start to finish, not to mention how unvarnished and open he chooses to be with his lyricism. Devin opens the song with a line that summarizes exploring the possibility of love while also figuring out who he is himself, saying “Think I met you before I met myself,” that line hit me right away. He actually shared with us his intentions with the stripped live version. “I’m extremely proud of the storytelling on this one, so this version should allow listeners to focus on the lyrics over anything else,” and lets just say it was executed perfectly! 

“Hurt U” is the ideal song to sonically please that special someone in your life, it’s like listening to a heartfelt love letter. The original version of “Hurt U” is just as delightful and it has a music video now available on Vevo. Go ahead and add this to your pop lovers playlist. You will love this original California love song.

Take a listen:

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