Devin Roy (Artist Review)

Written by Lucas Ballard

Lyrical Emcees are highly underrated in the current age of music. The 90’s and early 2000's saw some of the best narratives and lyrical elements from artists like Biggie, Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Kanye. Throughout the 2010’s we saw Kendrick and Cole tell their story on their timeless albums and inspired many listeners in my generation. The mix of cadences and their ability to make you feel how they feel made them very relatable. 

When I first heard Devin Roy’s song “WHOAMi”, it struck me, making me take a deep look into the day to day lives we journey. On this track he talks about how people not only try to run away from reality, but attempt to trick themselves into believing self told lies. This introduction served as a very reflective and inquisitive track to begin his 15 song album, underneath (The Grey Sky). The next track on his album is titled “alowHi”, which is a play on “aloha” meaning hello and goodbye in Hawaiian and “a low high” which refers to people in low spirits getting high to try to reverse their sadness. 

His album is very introspective and has a message that relishes in appreciating life and being aware. This comes with helping others and questioning what we know to be the correct way of living, something that is specifically touched on at the end of the track “Lois Lane”. Roy fully acknowledges his humanity, knowing his opinions are also flawed but constantly tries to be “better”.

Devin Roy has a deep mindset and offers an abundant amount of substance in his music. Feed your mind and listen to “underneath (The Grey Sky)”.

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